Mobile Application

    Mobile application market is thriving as never before with smartphones becoming cheaper day by day.

    We know that mobile phones are no more only used for calling and texting, but it is the world of applications now.

    Today you buy an iphone, Android phone, ipad, blackberry or a windows phone. The phone comes filled with thousands of apps in it, and not only that much this number is ever increasing day by day. This is not a surprise but it is improvement and development in technology.

    We as a Mobile and Web development company look forward to develop several applications on iphone, android and windows. So we welcome new projects which are impending towards Loginterface for any kind of mobile app development.

    We have highly educated and qualified staff which is trained up to mark making them capable to develop a mobile application of any kind for any operating system irrespectively it be IOS, android or windows.

    At Loginterface we offer a complex, secure, scalable and cost effective approach to implement mobility solutions which address to technological complexity, business challenges. The mobile application developed at Loginterface is user-centric and context aware mobile application that enhances core business operations and accelerate performance.

Our Team Specializes In Following Areas,

  • Creating component for custom UI elements.

  • Performance actions based on device events Data Synchronization.

  • Location based service implementations.

  • Implement background services.

  • Sensor based applications.

  • Enterprise-system integration with web services & server-side technologies.